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The Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer is a brand new device that's suitable for concentrate lovers who are interested in hours of nonstop vaporization enjoyment, huge hits and lengthy battery life. Its available features include super speedy warmup (just five seconds), an automatic heating system, a magnetic base, a portable rig and a rapid auto run time of merely 15 seconds. Other elements of this unit include 1100 mAh Lithium Ion battery power, a replaceable Triple Quartz XL Atomizer and a quartz glass mouthpiece.

Product Description

Exxus GO Key Features

Small & Sleek

Exxus GO Key Features

Exxus GO Chamber

Heat-Up Time

People who love enormous hits won't be disappointed by this concentrate vaporizer. Its swappable XL Triple Quartz Atomizer can contribute to huge hits that are simply unparalleled. This device's auto run time is 15 seconds. It features a bent glass mouthpiece that's made out of strong quartz. 

Exxus GO XL Triple Quartz Atomizer

Exxus GO Overview

Easy to Use & Portable

The Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer is a new vaporization product that offers a host of convenient and thrilling advantages. If you're looking for huge hits that aren't easy to find, our new vape may be right up your alley. If you're interested in daily practicalities such as fast warmup and automatic heating, our new unit may be optimal for your lifestyle as well. Contact us at Exxus Vape today for more information regarding our new concentrate vaporizer.

Exxus GO Battery Overview

The Exxus GO Packs a Punch

Battery Life

Exxus GO Battery Life

What's Inside?


If you buy this new concentrate vaporizer, you'll receive a single 1100 mAh lithium ion battery that's rechargeable. This battery has a warranty that lasts for a full year. Other things you'll receive with your purchase are a filling tool, a USB charging cable and a clear and in-depth user manual. This manual will tell you everything you need to know about proper use of this vaping device. 

Exxus GO Includes

Add Ons

Hydrotube & Bent Glass Mouthpiece

The Hydro Adapter mouthpiece for the Exxus GO can be purchased separately for those users who like to inhale their concentrate through a water filtration piece. The Hydro Adapter allows for added water filtration that cools the vapor upon inhalation. This gives the vaporizer user a smooth, cooler draw each and every time. The Bent Glass Mouthpiece comes standard when you order the Exxus GO by Exxus Vape. The Bent Glass Mouthpiece allows for added heat protection with each draw, keeping the mouthpiece cool through continuous use. The Bent Glass mouthpiece also allows for better flavor without the aftertaste you get from a wooden or metal mouthpiece.

Exxus GO Mouthpieces

Exxus GO Safety

Please use caution while operating the Exxus GO and never use the device while charging. Always make sure the unit is completely cooled off before packing or cleaning the unit, failure to do so can result in serious harm or injury.

Exxus GO Safety

Heating Cycle

To use the Exxus GO click the power 5 times to turn on. The display light will turn Red, which indicates the unit is heating up. After 5 seconds the light will turn Green, indicating that the unit is ready to use. After a 10 second run time, the Exxus GO will automatically power off keeping the unit cool until you’re ready to GO again for your next session.

Exxus GO Cycle

Want to Learn More?

Our Team

To learn more about the Exxus GO and any other products offered by your team here at Exxus Vape, please contact us via email or telephone and our knowledgeable customer support team will answer any questions you may have. With over 12 years’ experience in the vaporization industry, our customer support team pride themselves on being experts on all things vaporizing.

Learn More about the Exxus GO

The Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer is a new addition to the lineup here at Exxus Vape. We're a Southern California brand that focuses on all different kinds of dependable and cutting-edge vaporization products. If you're looking for a contemporary vaping unit that has an abundance of convenient and useful features, the Exxus GO may be optimal for your needs. Some of the many features and benefits that characterize this unit include a replaceable atomizer (the atomizer is responsible for the production of vapor), a magnetic base, a portable rig, an automatic heating system and rapid warmup periods. People who like the idea of warmup times of merely five seconds should learn more about this device. This vaporizer is equipped with a Triple Quartz XL Atomizer that's the definition of pure technological innovation. People can power this vape with the assistance of micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) chargers.

It's important for vapers to take good care of their units. If you're a vaper who frequently travels and rarely stays in the same exact spot for too long, you'll adore the convenience of the tough travel case that's included with this offering. This case can give your unit defense from all sorts of unforeseen scenarios. If you'd like to keep your vaporizer safe from unexpected falls, water damage, debris, dirt and the like, a durable case can indeed go a long way.

Our brand is hailed for our many useful, reliable and contemporary vaporization supplies. Another Exxus Vape product that's worthy of mention is called the Exxus Mini Vaporizer. This is a tiny device that's known by many for its amazing flavoring. It's also known for its cool and attractive aluminum gun metal appearance. The Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer is yet another Exxus Vape offering that has a loyal and dedicated following. This compact unit can be a great asset for essential oil enjoyment. Vaping fans often appreciate this concentrate vaporizer's streamlined look. They also frequently appreciate how user-friendly it is.

WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

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    I finally discovered a vape that I can see using long term. I've had numerous pen and they all seem to have a fatal flaw whether it's lousy performance or poor quality.
    This EXXUS GO gets it right in the performance department. Because the glass fit within the perimeter of the atomizer and the battery, you don't experience any spatter of your concentrate. Thus eliminating the need to constantly wiping your device down with a prep pad!
    I love the function. No more bullshit temperature ranges and durations, just a constant hit time after time.
    The glass is more tactile and more desirable than hitting off rigid plastic. Plus only glass gets showroom clean after uses.
    I like the fact it charges via micro USB since my phone does also.
    Best single hit concentrate vape so far in the evolution of hi tech vaping.

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    Exxus Go Review

    This pen hits like a dream. I like that I am able to click five times and be done. Charging seems to take a while, but other then that awesome lil pen.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Exxus GO is THE BEST

    I can't say enough good things about this unit, favorite new toy I've gotten recently. Romps like a truck, parks like a Fiat. If you want the biggest hit you ever seen out of a pen, then this is the unit for you. To much for my girlfriend but just right for me.

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    Got more than I expected

    Love the fact that it has glass mouthpiece instead of plastic. Better quality and is safer to use. The small size of it is amazing for all the power this exxus go holds. Bought two for myself and a gift from Gotvape and would def recommend it.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    This thing is awesome!!!

    Iam a dad and daper! And this thing is awesome it's low-key and hits like a freight train.....I need to picking up the aqua peice!!!

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Hi I want to buy the exxus go but I have one question. Do the coils overlap the quartz or are the metal coils encapsulated inside the quartz?

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