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Exxus VRS Replacement Parts

7 products
    7 products
    Exxus Vape VRS Nectar Tip
    Exxus Vape VRS Hydrotube
    Exxus Vape VRS Atomizer
    Exxus Vape VRS Glass Adapter
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    Exxus Vape VRS Hydro Connector
    Exxus Vape VRS Top and Bottom Cap Kit
    Exxus Vape VRS Path Tube

    The Perfect Additives

    Helping to Deliver a Top Performance

    The Exxus VRS Replacement Parts are spare or replacement parts made exclusively for the Exxus VRS 3 in 1 Vaporizer Device. Keeping the device in top shape, these replacement parts are perfect additions to the Exxus VRS Device. 

    Exclusively Made for the Exxus VRS 

    Specifically made for the Exxus VRS Device, added additions are needed to get the ultimate optimal performance out of the device.

    Exxus VRS Path Tube

    Offering perfect airflow, the Exxus VRS Path Tube allows users to indulge in smooth, unforgettable hits.

    Exxus VRS Hydro Connector

    The Exxus VRS Hydro Connector is a connecting glass tube made to screw in and attaches the hydro mouthpiece to the VRS Device.

    Exxus VRS Nectar Tip

    The Exxus VRS Nectar Tip is a fantastic additive piece. Made to use directly with concentrates, this tip is dipped straight into materials for the purest sessions and flavors.

    Exxus VRS Hydrotube

    Coming in handy for the Nectar Collector Mode, the Exxus VRS Hydrotube helps deliver those pure hard-hitting sessions.

    Exxus VRS Top & Bottom Cap Kit

    An accompanying spare accessory, the Exxus VRS Top & Bottom Cap Kit, are superior plastic magnetic caps placed on the top and bottom of both sides of the device. Made to protect the unit, these caps allow easy access when needed to be cleaned and offer security, not letting any dirt or particles get into the device.

    Exxus VRS Atomizer

    Specifically made for the Exxus VRS in Dab Mode, this atomizer helps enhance your sessions, converting those delicious concentrates into an inhalable vapor. Enjoy cloud after cloud with the help of the Exxus VRS Atomizer.

    Exxus VRS Glass Adapter 

    And lastly, coming in three different options Exxus VRS Glass Adapter 10, 14, 18mm allow users to utilize their device with their dab rig for endless concentrate-filled sessions.