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    20 products
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    What is a Vaporizer?

    A vaporizer is a device or a unit that either uses conduction or convection heating, helping to change your choice of material to inhalable vapor. Vaporizers offer a great alternative to traditional forms of consuming your goodies that do not involve combustion, allowing you to avoid the dangers of smoking. Coming in a variety of sizes, typically these hand-held devices allow you to enjoy your favorite materials such as concentrates, oils, and dry herb in a discreet, practical manner.

    Constructed of high-grade materials such as stainless steel, quartz and ceramic, vaporizers transform all your goodies into great tasting, dense vapor clouds. Typically, vaporizers like the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer, offer a plethora of advancements including temperature control or variable voltage, preheat mode, long lasting battery and faster heat up times.

    How Vaporizers Work Exxus Micare

    How Vaporizers Work: Convection vs. Conduction

    Vaporizer devices work on the principle of convection or conduction heating.

    Convection heating works by heating the air around the product in the chamber till it then turns into vapor. After the hot air forms, the product becomes heated within the chamber and the user can then inhale from their device for enjoyable draws.

    Conductive heating on the other hand works by heating a surface, then the user places a desired amount of product on the surface and it gets heated then transformed into inhalable vapor. Typically, conduction heating is a faster form of heating and the hot surface causes a slight combustion on the product.

    Vaporizers allow their user to indulge in a wide range of materials like oils, concentrates and dry herbs in a different way from the traditional methods. Delivering excellent flavor notes, grand vapor production and great performance, vaporizer devices turn your products into smooth, refreshing sessions with few irritants than traditional smoking. Using precise temperatures, they get a lot hotter than a cigarette or pipe igniting the suitable heat for your product without wasting any and irritant free.

    Vaporizer Types: Portable, Vape Pens, Skillets

    Vaporizers come in a variety of styles and sizes for the preference of the user. Here we are going to break down the difference between each and their uses.

    Black Gold Cobra Exxus Minovo in colorful fake plants

    Portable Vaporizers

    Portable Vaporizers are hand-held, petite devices that allow for great portability, discretion and an easy to use performance. Suited with materials such as oils, dry herb, concentrates and oils, portable vaporizers employ 510 thread cartridges or incorporate chambers where your goodies are held. Working together, these durably constructed devices like the Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer offer sturdy, stealth use while providing a plethora of features like variable voltage, temperature control, long lasting battery and magnetic adapters. Perfect for the person on the go, these vaporizers allow you to enjoy great sessions right at the palm of your hand.

    Gold and Black Exxus Micare on pillow

    Vape Pens

    A Vape Pen is a cylinder, long thin vaporizer device resembling your every day pen. Like the Exxus Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer, these vape pens come in a variety of styles, colors and models for an easy, user friendly experience. Typically to get things started you attach your 510 threaded cartridge attach it to the device and you’re ready to go, simple. With a small frame vape pens are great for mobility and still provide a stealth, durable experience made of top materials for an overall elevated making. Vape Pens also offer numerous features such as temperature settings, variable voltage and high-amp lithium ion batteries. Compatible with a variety of materials such as concentrates, oils and vape pens deliver great sessions in a small frame.

    Red Exxus Skillet on blackboard background


    Skillets or Skillet Atomizers are an easy, convenient way to enjoy your concentrates. Taking on the thickest of concentrate goodies they help you get the most out of your goods. Typically fashioned using sturdy steel construction and employing 510 standard threaded connection, skillets like Exxus Disc Skillet are useful with a variety of vaporizers for great versatility. Normally, they incorporate dual coils or coil less, both great options for variety and producing great clouds.

    Gold Exxus Minovo on black Guess Purse

    Variable Voltage

    Vaporizers are typically are made of three parts; the battery, the cartridge or atomizer and the mouthpiece.

    The battery, the largest component of a vaporizer is what gives the device its power. Here you typically can find the features of the device and control the type of session to your preference.

    Next is the cartridge. The cartridge is the small attachment piece that holds your material of choice. Usually, 0.5g or 1g in size these 510 threaded connected additives completing your vaporizer device.

    The mouthpiece is where you are going to get your vapor. Once your device is turned on and ready to go, the mouthpiece acts as a compatible accessory allowing the user to enjoy refreshing, enjoyable sessions.

    Vape Materials

    With vaporizers you have your choice of products to enjoy whether it be Dry Herb, Concentrates or Oils.

    Full Color Exxus Mini Plus

    Dry Herb

    Dry Herb or the Green Goddess is a vaping material meant for both medical and recreational use. Many users indulge in a relaxing, calming effects helping relieve the stresses of the day. The best optimal temperature to vaporize dry herb is at 347°F, allowing you to get the most out you herb. Based on the dry herb, the effects may vary but one thing for sure is dry herb will give you an excellent, elevated overall experience.

    Green Exxus Mini Plus in nature


    Concentrates deliver strong, potent experience. Concentrates gives intense flavor while maintain discreet in smell and style. This implied by the name, these treats are the concentrated version of your preferred products. Fan favorite of many users, concentrates allow you to inhale less while getting the same quality sessions. Packed full of flavors, concentrates are the ultimate, effective vaporizing goodie.

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    Essential oils are only compatible with devices specifically made to handle this oil.

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    Buying a Vaporizer

    Vaporizers are a better, enhanced lifestyle compared to the traditional smoking. These devices allow you to enjoy incredible sessions wherever you choose to go, whether that’s out for a walk or chilling on the couch. Indulge in great flavor and grand vapor production with the help of vaporizers.

    It is important when choosing a vaporizer to find the right one for your needs. If you love to explore and need something both durable and portable, then a portable vaporizer might be the right choice. If you are looking for something you can just throw in the bag and whip it out when ready, then you might want to look into a vape pen. It is all depending on what you need and the lifestyle you live.


    Cost and budget are the number one factor when choosing a vaporizer. A vaporizer can run you anywhere from $10 dollars upward to $150 dollars, depending on the brand, use and making. Before diving into the purchasing, think about how much you want and willing to spend. Buying a big ticket item maybe seem daunting but in actuality might save money in the end because it is a quality piece instead of just cost effective.


    Whenever you buy an item is it always good to check if there is a warranty. Warranties allow you safety just in case the worst happens. With warranty you can call the company, report the problem and get some assistance instead of having to cough up some more money for a whole new vaporizer. Trust us, warranty is your friend.

    Reputable Source

    Before you purchase any product or device it is always important to make sure you are buying from a reputable source. There is nothing worse then finding out your device is less than expected on arrival and wasting your hard-earned money. Always make sure you are buying your goods for a verified reputable source. You won’t regret it.

    Exxus Vape is one of the top online vaporizer retailers in the market. As one of the top choices, Exxus makes sure to manufacture nothing less than amazing devices, providing amazing service to partner. Incorporating a live customer service staff, Exxus Vape has everything you need to be your one, top source for all your vaporizer needs. Available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6pm, the customer service staff is here and willing to help with every need. Exxus can be reached at (888) 827-3101.