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Portable Vaporizers

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    19 products
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    What are Portable Vaporizers?

    Portable Vaporizers are hand-held devices that are usually small in nature allowing it to be both discreet and easy to use. Compatible with a variety of platforms these devices work with your oils, dry herb, and concentrates.

    Typically, these vaporizers will incorporate high grade materials in their makings such as quartz, stainless steel and ceramic for flawless construction as well as performance. Portable vaporizers like the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer, are going to offer you great adjustable features such as variable voltage or temperature control, lasting battery life, faster heating time, enhanced vapor quality and durable construction, all at the palm of your hand. Enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood or even sitting in the living room, whether you choose to spend your time, Portable vaporizers are the perfect to-go, economic companion.

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    How do Portable Vaporizers Work?

    Now that you know what Portable Vaporizers are, let’s break down how they work.

    Vaporizers work through either conductive or convective heating methods. Compatible with the material of your choice including including essential oils, concentrates and dry herb, portable vaporizers operate by elevating the heat in the controlled chamber that is capable of transforming said materials into inhalable vapor. This result in grand vapor and huge cloud production that gives you great flavor profiles as well as satisfying draws.

    Conductive heating works by heating your materials through direct contact. This means these devices work by heating the surface which allows the user to place the desires amount of materials on the surface.

    Convection on the other hand, heats the air around the product in the chamber. Convective units transfer the heated air to heat the materials indirectly. Often users will prefer convection devices as they are better at heating your materials without burning them.

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    Structure of a Portable Vaporizer

    Typically, Portable Vaporizers include the same components; the tank, battery, sensor, atomizer and mouthpiece.

    The tank or sometimes referred to as a cartridge, is the part of the vaporizer that houses your materials. Some devices employ interchangeable tanks which allows users to house both concentrates and dry herb. Others are specifically made to hold one or the other. Normally, these tanks work by being screwed onto the device or connected through magnets and 510 threaded connection. Also, these tanks come either pre-loaded or allow the user to load them up themselves.

    The battery is what is going to power the device. Almost every portable vaporizer utilizes a lithium ion battery because these batteries are both rechargeable and durable, enough to elevate temperatures in these portable vaporizers, sometimes as high as 400 degrees or more.

    More and more portable vaporizers on the market today are incorporating sensors in their devices. Built with top technology, some portable vaporizers incorporate advanced sensors that equip more complex features that allow full range capabilities such as temperature control or variable voltage. The purpose of the sensor is to communicate with atomizer.

    Atomizers are where the heat is generated in portable vaporizers. Atomizers pull power from the battery at whatever rate the sensor allows and uses it to create heat. Some portable vaporizers will use conductive heating technology, which transfer the heat directly to the oven or tank, warming the materials. While other will incorporate convective heating, which passing through a controlled chamber to indirectly heat the material.

    Airflow is directed through the tank or oven and passes through a mouthpiece, where a user inhales for vapor. Often mouthpieces are detachable from the rest of the vaporizer, which allows for easy use and cleaning. The size and shape of the mouthpiece differs, depending on the portable vaporizer design.

    Types of Portable Vaporizers: Concentrates & Essential Oils, Dry Herb

    Portable vaporizers are not made for a specific material. They come in a variety of shapes, makes and models, accommodating every kind of user. For this reason, portable vaporizers are compatible with Concentrates and Essential Oils as well as Dry Herbs. Portable Vaporizers allow you to enjoy your favorite goodies wherever you happen to go.

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    Essential Oils

    Essential Oil Portable Vaporizers are petite, user-friendly devices that offer customers a customizable experience for your essential oils. Devices like the Exxus Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer, allow the user to fill the cartridge with the oil of their choosing for convenience and deliver an elevated vaping experience.

    Coming in compact statures they are refillable or pre-loaded, battery-operated devices that opposed to larger desktop models allow you to take the device on the go. Compatible with your favorite essential oils, Portable Vaporizers employ top of the line technology to deliver incredible sessions at the palm of your hand.

    Concentrates & Essential Oils

    Concentrate & Essential Oil Portable Vaporizers are vaporizes made specifically for your concentrate and essential oils. Allowing you to get the most out of your materials, they offer smooth and pure sessions for great, potent flavor. Devices like the Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer, let the user add their favorite concentrate or essential oil to the chamber, place it on top of the heating element and enjoy.

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    Dry Herb

    Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers like the Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer allows you to enjoy their favorite herbal flower. They heat up your dry herb until it turns into vapor. These devices are great for the user who wants to medicate but prefers portability and discretion. Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers are reliable, economic and a convenient choice for a better overall experience for your herbal medication.

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    Benefits of Portable Vaporizers

    Portable Vaporizes offer a number of benefits, making them some of the most popular out of the vaporizers out today. This is due to the fact that users can enjoy their vaping cookies anytime, anywhere.

    Portable Vaporizers like the Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer are prominently smaller in frame, allowing for easy travel in the pocket or hand as its no bigger than the average lighter. Portable vapes are compatible with a variety of materials including dry herb, concentrates or essential oils.

    Portable vaporizers are generally easier to load, as well as control as the simplistic yet advanced design it more accommodating to the user. Like the Exxus Go Concentrate Vaporizer, portable Vaporizers also utilize rechargeable batteries which can last anywhere from two to three hours, depending on usage.

    Most portable vaporizers even include portable chargers or even car adapters for fast and easy charging.

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    Buying a Portable Vaporizer

    When it comes to quality, affordable portable vaporizers, there’s no better place than Exxus Vape. Created with the customer in mind, Exxus Vape keeps our patrons first, delivering and meeting all your vaporizer needs. Growing in name, Exxus Vape prides ourselves on stepping up to be your top source for your vaping needs.

    Complete with a live support team, Got Vape is your perfect one stop shop for your vaping needs. Available Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm, our Customer Service Department will handle all your orders in an efficient timely manner giving personal attention to detail. If you were to have any comments or questions, please give us a call toll free at 1-888-827-3101.