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    What is an oil cartridge vape pen girl holding Unicorn Exxus Snap VV

    What is a Vape Pen?

    A Vape Pen is a long, thin stylized vaporizer that basically resembles a fancy pen – no surprise there! Coming in a variety of shapes, colors and models these are user-friendly devices that are made to uplift your experience while providing discretion and mobility. Even though small in size, they offer numerous features including variable voltage, temperature control, powerful lithium ion battery and preheat mode. They are also constructed to accompany a number of different materials including concentrates, essential oils and dry herb. Employing top of the line technology, Vape Pens deliver unparalleled sessions right at the palm of your hand.

    Full Color Exxus Snap VV

    Guide to Using a Vape Pen

    Now that you are considering purchasing a Vape Pen, you’re going to want to know how it works and how to operate it. So, let’s get started.

    When you first get any vaporizer device, it is important to first start by charging your pen. When you unbox your unit, you are going to want to attach it to the charger provided in the packaging. Most often, you can use the USB port on your computer or a USB wall adapter for rapid charging. Some models come with a vape charger that plugs right into wall outlets. In total, it should take about two to three hours to fully charge your device. Do not charge longer than this or you can possibly damage your vape pen.

    While you’re charging your vape pen, it would be a good idea to read over the instructions. Doing a little reading only helps you get to know our device more step by step and its inner makings. The instructions will also show you how to take care of your vape pen and cleaning so it works just as new. If you need additional information on certain components of your vape pen such as the coils or atomizer, the instructions will cover those topics as well.

    While you’re charging your vape pen, it would be a good idea to read over the instructions. Doing a little reading only helps you get to know our device more step by step and its inner makings. The instructions will also show you how to take care of your vape pen and cleaning so it works just as new. If you need additional information on certain components of your vape pen such as the coils or atomizer, the instructions will cover those topics as well.

    Types of Oil Cartridge Vape Pens: Magnetic, Screw On, Auto-Draw and Variable Voltage

    Oil Cartridge Vape Pens come is a plethora of varieties to best fit the user’s needs. From magnetic adapters to screw on 510-threaded female ports and everything in between.

    Green Exxus Battery


    Now you can put your Vape Pen together. Typically, a Vape Pen is made of three components; the battery, the atomizer and the mouthpiece. The battery is the most prominent part of the device. It controls the Vape Pen, housing adjustable wattage features that allows the user to have the ability to have more control of the amount of power going to the atomizer.

    Exxus Micare Retro cartridge vaporizer


    The atomizer connects to the battery. The atomizer in a vape pen is the heating element is located and where your materials converts into inhalable vapor. Mechanically, the atomizer is made of the wick and electronic coils. The wick typically made from cotton or silicon fibers, absorbs the oil from the cartridge allowing it to travel to the e-coils. Once it makes contact with the e-coils, the battery powers the heating element wrapped around the wick which results in vapor.

    Full Color Cartridge on black surface


    The mouthpiece is going to connect to your atomizer. The mouthpiece allows the user to get vapor. Wrapping your lips around this piece and taking a quick inhale activates the vapor. These come in a plethora of variations of the width of the tip, which allows for either more or less airflow.

    Girl vaping an Exxus Tap VV battery

    Before you load your materials in your vaporizer, it is always good to do a dry run. This means, activate your device and let it run through a cycle without any product whatsoever. If it has variable voltage, then set it to the highest heat option. This will help burn off any residues or dirt that might be on the Vape Pen. Especially helpful for dry herb vape pens, it will leave you with pure vapor and an optimal performance.

    Now you can load your materials. Each Vape Pen has a different design so loading your materials may differ depending on the construction.

    Generally, for a Vape Pen that is compatible with wax or concentrates, it will require you to dab your material either onto the heating element or onto the wick itself. Oil concentrates or essential oils should be poured into the vape tank or atomizer.

    For dry herb vape pens, you are going to want to grind your herbs down to a crushed pepper like consistency then pack the chamber about halfway. You want to make sure not to put too much dry herb in the chamber as you can overfill it.

    Once your Vape Pen is loaded and ready to go, it’s time to use your device. Simply press down on the power button as you inhale through the mouthpiece and you’re all set. When you pull away from the mouthpiece, take in a little air with the vapor, then hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before breathing out.

    Types of Vape Pens girl holding Nebula Exxus Snap VV

    Types of Vape Pens: Variable Voltage, Auto Draw, Screw On

    Variable Voltage is electrical potential or power, released from your Vape Pen battery in order to heat up the coil inside of your tank or atomizer. With variable voltage devices like the Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer, users have more range over their sessions. Meaning, a user can adjust the voltage to the setting of their preference. No longer will you have to hassle with pre-set modes.

    Full Color Exxus Snap VV

    Variable Voltage

    Variable voltage also comes in hand with different concentrates or oils. Different types of concentrates or oils work better or are improved in flavor and production at different voltages. For instance, the user can adjust the power their device is producing a thicker oil will need a higher voltage as it won’t heat up or vape properly on a lower voltage. Often, the difference is minor (e.g. 3.3V rather than 3.7V) but the outcome is greatly altered.

    Red Slim Battery

    Auto Draw

    Auto Draw Vape Pens are devices that utilize an automatic battery. These vape pens like the Exxus Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer are super user-friendly, activating when the user inhales for vapor intact. A single draw from these Vape Pens start the priming process and get instant vapor.

    Screw On Vape Pens blue Plus VV Exxus battery

    Screw On

    Screw On Vape Pens are devices that allow the user to screw the cartridge right onto the battery. For Screw On devices like the Exxus Tap VV Cartridge Vaporizer, you simply screw the cartridge to the battery, press the power button as you inhale and enjoy instant vapor. Easy as that!

    Buying a Vape Pen Unicorn Exxus Snap VV by bathing suit

    Buying a Vape Pen

    Buying a Vape Pen can be a daunting task. With so many on the market it might be hard to choose from. What it really comes down to is personal preference. You should purchase the vaporizer that best fits your needs and lifestyle as a whole.

    Essential to every collection, Vape Pens are the perfect addition, delivering unmatched sessions and mobility all in one. Enjoy your choice of material, including Concentrates and Essential Oils as well as Dry Herbs, and take these bad boys wherever you go. Typically, a Vape Pen will cost around $10 dollars upwards to $70 dollars, depending on the type and brand you get.

    Luckily, Exxus Vape offers a plethora of Vape Pens at great, affordable prices. With everything from repairs to devices, Exxus Vape is your one stop shop for all vaporizer needs. Exxus is even complete with a live Customer Service team that is here to help with whatever your need. Available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, Exxus Vape is your top online retailer