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Note: With priority shipping your package may still take up to3-4 business days to arrive. All packages require a signature.

New PACT ACT Regulations:

Under the new PACT ACT Rules and Regulations shipping rates have increased on every order. Here at Exxus, we can only ship out via USPS First Class or Priority Mail and require an adult signature, no exceptions.

This is why you will see higher shipping prices at checkout, as well as higher taxes depending on your state. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, this is something that is simply out of our hands and we must adhere to all PACT Act Rules and Regulations.

Here at Exxusvape.com, we will continue to search for new cost-effective shipping options to be able to continue to provide you with excellent service. Thank you for supporting the Exxus Vape brand and we look forward to being able to service you for many years to come.

International Shipping:

Residents of all countries, excluding countries black listed by the US Government, are eligible to receive our vaporizer products. Our shipping rate system will give you a price for the different services at time of checkout.

Due to laws enacted by the great State of Pennsylvania, Exxus Vape is currently unable to ship any merchandise into this state. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any further questions regarding shipping please contact us at [email protected]

Shopping Currency

All prices currently listed at ExxusVape.com reflect US Dollars, please check the current rates if you are outside the United States.

Important Notice

If you've requested that we ship your purchase to a different shipping address other than the billing address, this will result in a hold on your order.

If a hold has been placed on your order, then you need to contact your credit card company and add the requested shipping address to the card as an acceptable ship-to address. From there you must contact us and provide us with your credit card company's contact information so that we may verify the information.