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E-Liquid Vaporizers

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  • Exxus V2 Essential Oil Vaporizer

    The Exxus V2 Essential Oil Vaporizer is a pen-style personal aromatherapy device that easily fits in the palm of your hand, or your pocket when not in use. When fully assembled, the device measures barely 5 inches long and half an inch wide, so it is both discreet and slim.


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  • Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer

    The Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer is made to work with the original Exxus V2 Vaporizer components. The Exxus V2 is a premium handheld e-liquid vaporizer, and this replacement tank is perfect for continuing the utility of your device if you encounter an issue with the original clearomizer.


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  • 510 USB Corded Charger by Exxus Vape

    An Exxus 510 Power Cord from Exxus is a great way to use your vaporizer. The 510 power cord is durable and long enough to be convenient for use. Using the power cord will help you recharge your batteries.


Find E-Juice Pens

These electronic devices allow people to relax while enjoying a wide variety of tastes and smoking experiences tailored to their particular desires. Vaporizers come in desktop, portable, and vape pen varieties.

Vape pens that use e-liquids tend to be portable and compact and can fit in many pockets. They often resemble the shape and style of a cigarette and function in a similar manner, but with easy, electronic operation. Vape pens can be used to enjoy an array of e-liquid flavors, many of which are nicotine-infused and use a base of either PG (propylene glycol) or a thicker VG (vegetable glycerin).

On the e-liquid vaporizer section of this website, you'll find a high quality vaporizer for enjoying e-liquids with essential oils as well as corresponding accessories such as replacement clearomizers and power cords. The Exxus line of vaporizers boasts the Exxus V2 Essential Oil Vaporizer, which retails for under $40.

This trim and elegant vaporizer is easy to transport. At just 5" tall and a half inch in diameter, it can fit in the palm of your hand. The Exxus V2 makes efficient use of a heating chamber that can be conveniently cleaned and refilled. This well-designed chamber ensures that heating is both even and contained. The vaporizer's long-lasting, lithium ion battery can be recharged using the power cord that is also sold on this section of the website. To prolong battery life, the Exxus V2 will turn itself off after nine seconds of continuous heat. The temperature can be restored at the simple two-second touch of a button. You can even lock the vaporizer so that it remains in the off position when you are not using it.

Replacement clearomizers are available for the Exxus V2 Clearomizer obtain their name in part from the fact that they are in some sense "clear," or, more accurately, transparent. This gives users the advantage of being able to see how much liquid remains in the tank at any given time. As compared to an atomizer, the clearomizer enables you to better control how much liquid is in your tank at any given time, which can help you to avoid the burning smell that often occurs when the liquid runs out. It can also prevent you from wasting liquid.

For the replacement clearomizers sold on this website, up to 1.6 ml of oil can be inserted into a transparent chamber. The Exxus V2 clearomizer then quickly heats this oil up and releases it through the mouthpiece as you inhale. The rebuildable wickless heating chamber allows for efficient vaporizing. Replacement clearomizer come in a variety of stark and attractive colors to allow you to customize the look of your vape pen. Choose from red, black, white, orange, blue, or green to match the color of your vaporizer.