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E-Liquid Replacement Parts

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  • Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer

    The Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer is made to work with the original Exxus V2 Vaporizer components. The Exxus V2 is a premium handheld e-liquid vaporizer, and this replacement tank is perfect for continuing the utility of your device if you encounter an issue with the original clearomizer.

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  • 510 USB Corded Charger by Exxus Vape

    An Exxus 510 Power Cord from Exxus is a great way to use your vaporizer. The 510 power cord is durable and long enough to be convenient for use. Using the power cord will help you recharge your batteries.

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Impressive Collection of E-Liquid Spare Parts

Vaporizers that can be loaded with e-liquids are always going to have a place in the personal aromatherapy marketplace. They were the first devices to gain popularity as people started searching for viable, safe, and satisfying alternatives to traditional cigarettes, and they have continued to reach new demographics as the technology advances. E-liquid vaporizers are still the most popular products in the industry, but other styles of vaping have started to become more prevalent. These advanced styles and equipment require more specific knowledge about how these unique devices function, but e-liquid vaporizers are still as simple as they have always been. Many have even reached completely new levels of convenience and reliability. These popular products are only going to further cement their place at the foundation of the personal aromatherapy industry as it expands.

Large Collection of 510 Batteries

Here at Exxus, we take pride in our impressive stock of vaporizers and vaporizer replacement parts. You might be familiar with some of our products, including the Exxus V2 Vaporizer. This product is specifically designed for use with standard e-liquids, and the clearomizer for this pen-style vaporizer is made from a durable transparent plastic that holds up to 1.6ml of your favorite e-liquid. It has a powerful 650mAh battery and can produce incredible flavor. It's sleek and slim enough to fit in your pocket, making it perfect for getting through the day.

If you are committed to using e-liquid as your vapor source material of choice, the Exxus V2 is for you, and our inventory is always stocked with premium replacement parts as you need them.

Our Exxus V2 Vaporizer is a reliable device, but sometimes even the best devices need replacement parts. We carry everything you need to maintain your V2 vaporizer at optimal functionality. Our selection includes replacement Exxus V2 Clearomizer tanks for the unit, and those replacement tanks are built with standard 510 threading, which makes them almost universally compatible with other vaporizer components or any of our battery bases. They are available in several unique colors, including black, orange, red, green, blue, and clear. Even if you choose one of these vibrant colors, the replacement clearomizer will still remain transparent. They are printed with graduation as well, so you can easily see how much of the e-liquid you are consuming and decide if you need to refill the device or cut back until you are able to refill it. Replacement clearomizers are also nice to have as a secondary or spare cartridge to prep with e-liquid and carry with you on the go.

View Vaporizer Power Cords

Not only do we have replacement clearomizers for the Exxus V2, but we also carry replacement power cords for the battery base as well. The power cord is made with the same 510 threading as all of our products, so it can be used with any of our devices. Not only that, but the universal 510 threading means it can be used to recharge other devices with the same threading. The replacement power cord is great to keep as a spare or to use when away from home, like in your car or office.