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  • Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape

    Combining top performance and ergonomic, efficient design, the Exxus Mini Plus is a dry herb vaporizer you’re not going to miss out on.


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  • Exxus Mini Vaporizer

    Finding a small vaporizer that also happens to work wonderfully doesn't have to be a daunting task anymore. Exxus Vape's "Exxus Mini" has the distinction of being the smallest vape of its type, no exaggerations. This vaporizer is merely an inch in width and four inches in height. If compact things that are easy to carry around pique your interest, there's no reason you shouldn't be researching the Exxus Mini. This vaporizer's size is just as little as its name suggests.


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Huge Selection of Herbal Vaporizers

The personal aromatherapy industry has been dominated for years by devices that are designed to vaporize either e-liquids or wax concentrates, but those are not the only source materials for quality vaping. Many people want the option to vaporize their favorite dried aromatic blends with the same relative ease that others are able to achieve with their e-liquids. The problem, up until now, has been that technology simply wasn't able to support such devices, but that problem is long gone.

Dry vaporizers are now becoming more and more prevalent as the equipment needed for them has gotten cheaper and easier to work with. Some might even go so far as to say that dry vaporizers have a significant advantage over other vaporizers that use liquids or concentrates, simply because they can be loaded with dried herbs or any aromatic blends that don't have to be processed down into concentrates or liquids. These devices essentially take a step out of the entire vaporization process, and a major step at that. Just imagine how difficult it would be to take advantage of a concentrate or liquid vaporizer if you had to process your own source materials. With a dry vaporizer, the only thing you have to worry about is using all your raw material.

Our signature dry vaporizer is the Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer. It has a large filling capacity and a ceramic heating chamber that helps reduce singed material. The ceramic material allows the heating chamber to heat up evenly and smoothly, which cuts down on the potential for burnt material within the chamber. Not only does it have a state-of-the-art heating chamber, but the device boasts a powerful 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that offers immense power output and convenient all-day utility. It has a digital temperature display and can reach temperatures between 300 and 435 degrees Fahrenheit, and it even has single-degree temperature intervals, so you can set the device at any temperature within its range. The unit also comes with a memory recall function that automatically sets the device to the same temperature setting that was most recently used. The Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer is available in black and comes with the Exxus logo beautifully adorned on the side of the device above the digital display.

Exxus Mini Vaporizer is the latest breakthrough in the land of portable vaporization. Compact size and a great taste are some of the standout features of this portable vaporizer.

The Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer is one of the fully dry vaporizer in our inventory, but it is also the only device you'll ever need for dry vaporization. It comes with a 5 year warranty, so you can rest assured your device will last, and its powerful yet simple utility makes nearly all other handheld dry vaporizers obsolete. The unit comes with its own recharging cable and a user manual.

Check Out Dry Vape Replacement Parts

Our inventory includes several replacement parts for the Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer. We carry the replacement mouthpiece and mouthpiece set that can also function as spare parts, and we also carry sets that include a mouthpiece and a glass aroma tube. If you're the type who enjoys the smooth yet potent vapor of a dried aromatic blend, look no further than Exxus for your equipment needs.