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Pick Up Parts for your Dry Vape

Dry vaporizers are starting to become more prevalent in the personal aromatherapy industry, mainly due to the rapid increase in vaporization technology over the recent years. Vaporizers have reached a new level of popularity amongst the masses, and rightfully so. Since the global marketplace was first introduced to personal vaporizers and pen-style devices that use concentrated liquids or waxes as a source material for vaporization, there has been a demand for devices that are able to take advantage of raw materials, especially dried aromatic blends. That vision is finally reaching the mainstream after years of expensive, shoddy devices. The Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer is our crowning achievement when it comes to devices that can vaporize raw, ground material, and we stock a full range of replacement components to keep your device in tip top shape.

The most appealing aspect of a dry vaporizer is its ease of utility, and the Exxus Dry Vaporizer is about as easy as they come. It only has two distinct components: the body of the device and the mouthpiece. Since the body is a singular component with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, there are no replacement parts for the body itself. However, the mouthpiece can and should be changed every now and again to preserve cleanliness. The mouthpieces are easy to change out, and they detach from the device quickly and efficiently. The reason for such ease is that the ceramic heating chamber for the device is located beneath the mouthpiece, so it must be removed every time the device is loaded or cleaned.

Our stock of replacement parts for the Exxus Dry Vaporizer includes both a singular replacement mouthpiece and a mouthpiece set. The mouthpiece set includes a thick glass aroma tube, which adds a new layer of functionality to the device. We also carry replacement power cords for the device, and our 510 threaded power cords are compatible with all of our battery bases, so if you use more than one Exxus product, you'll be able to use one cord for all the devices. You could also use the replacement power cord as a spare, or as a dedicated cord for a secondary location, like the car or office.

Need New Components for Your Vape?

The Exxus Dry Vaporizer is one of the most versatile, simple devices on the market, especially when you only consider dry herb vaporizers. Since our device is so user friendly, there are hardly any replacement parts that you will need. Our replacement mouthpieces are more than sufficient to allow the device to be used to its optimal efficiency, and no other components on the device can be replaced individually. The warranty on the device will handle any problems with the body of the unit itself, and our replacement mouthpieces and glass aroma tubes make it easy to take fully advantage of the device in a consistent way. No matter what you might need to make your Exxus Dry Vaporizer work perfectly, we have it.