Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer


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The Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer is made to work with the original Exxus V2 Vaporizer components. The Exxus V2 is a premium handheld e-liquid vaporizer, and this replacement tank is perfect for continuing the utility of your device if you encounter an issue with the original clearomizer.

Product Description

Alternatively, the replacement clearomizer could be used as a spare, or a second tank that you can load with your favorite e-liquid and have in reserve for when your first tank goes dry.

This replacement tank not only holds up to 1.6ml of premium e-liquid, but it comes with a coil preinstalled in the unit, so you don't have to worry about building your own coils or replacing those tiny components. Instead, simply use the V2 Clearomizer until it no longer produces the optimal flavor, then switch it out for a new tank. These tanks tend to have a long lifespan even with regular use, so you can definitely enjoy a single tank for quite some time, or you can keep a spare on hand for emergencies.

The V2 Clearomizer is made from a durable plastic that won't bend or break when dropped. Not only is the unit durable enough to stand up to the stresses of daily life, but it is also transparent, which adds a flare of style and functionality to the unit. Because of the transparent nature of the unit, you can tell how quickly the e-liquid within is being consumed. This knowledge can help you gauge how much you vape over a period of time, and it can tell you when you need to refill the tank.

All Exxus products, including this tank, are made with 510 threading, which is the standard thread for many current vaporizers. Since this tank is essentially universally compatible, it can work with just about any battery base. Using the tank is exceptionally easy as well. The metallic base of the tank unscrews to reveal the interior reservoir for the e-liqiud. It should be noted that the bottom cap should only be removed if the tank is not attached to a battery. Once the cap is off, simply invert the device so the bottom is facing upward, then drip your favorite e-liquid into the reservoir that surrounds the center tube. Don't let any excess liquid fall into the tub, since that could lead to the inhalation of non-vaporized fluid. Be careful not to overfill the device, either, since that can cause leaks. Once the tank is full, reattach the metallic cap and attach the tank to your battery, and you are ready to vape.

The Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer comes in several eye-catching colors, including clear, green, blue, black, red, and orange. Regardless of the color chosen, the tank remains transparent.

Key Features of the Exxus V2 Vaporizer Replacement Clearomizer:

  • 1.6ml Capacity
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Graduated Markings
  • Compatible with 510 Thread Devices
  • Made for E-Liquid
  • Consumable Product, No Warranty

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    Perfect Spare

    Perfect spare, suitable to use after your first tank goes dry on you. This tank has a 1.6mL capacity and includes a coil preinstalled so you won’t have to worry about building your own or replacing the tiny pieces. Just use this bad boy and get great tasting sessions everytime. Depending on how often you use it, these tanks have a long lifespan. They are totally durable and an economic investment.

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