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When on the hunt for the next best battery for your set up, look no further than the rechargeable lithium ion Exxus eGo 900 mah battery. This battery delivers a higher amperage drain than others, giving you the right amount of power necessary to get the job done.

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With brilliant features such as variable temperature and voltage, easy to use click to change technology, recharge capabilities and a reassuring lifetime warranty, there is no way you can go wrong with one of our batteries!

Three Temperature Settings
When it comes to vaping, control is key. Finding your "sweet spot" is what keeps you coming back for more, and the Exxus eGo 900 mAh battery delivers just that! With the capability of variable voltage, you can move your voltage up or down, thus increasing or decreasing the temperature of your vape until you find the right one for you. This important feature makes a world of difference. Find out for yourself!

Finding the perfect setting for you is as easy as clicking a button. Three quick clicks and you can determine what setting you want at any time. The click to change technology allows you great ease in selecting which temperature or voltage you wish to use, and you can navigate the three voltage and temperature settings simply. Press as many times as you need until you find the proper one that delivers the vapor, warmth and overall experience you are looking for.

Lifetime Warranty
This rechargeable battery comes with an insuring lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that if anything happens to the battery, such as a malfunction or in the event that it stops working, you can get it replaced for free and for as long as you live. 

This battery goes with other 510 threaded cartomizers as well as other eGo connection devices. This battery is so easy to use, easy to control the voltage, as well as being light in your pocket and protected by a lifetime guarantee that there is no reason not to try an Exxus eGo battery today. 

It is important to have something guaranteed to be safe and effective when making the decision to purchase a brand new battery. With all of the worries of misfiring, battery venting and other stories you hear regarding these types of batteries, you can rest easy knowing this particular one was designed for your safe, reliable everyday usage. Exxus eGo 900mAh batteries give you the security, customization and stability you need to use your system the way you want to use it. Get your Exxus eGo 900mAh battery now.

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    Outstanding Economical Vape Pen Battery

    The Exxus Ego 900 is an excellent, economical vape pen. 5 Clicks to turn on, 3 Clicks to change temps. It holds charges for weeks (depending on your use) and charges in about 4 hours. Its slim, compact and generates a heat immediately. Hold the button for less than a second and then draw....

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    Slim, durable and it holds a charge for days with moderate use. Lasts all day at a festival and a second battery takes no space, buy 2.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Excellent battery

    I was gifted two of these with a concentrate order. I use it every single day throughout the day. It holds a charge so long I don't even know when I last charged it. 5 clicks on or off. 3 clicks to change from low temp green to mid temp blue to high tempt red. I have bought one cartridge that made this light up like holiday lights. It must mean bad cartridge.

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